Blood Pressure Control and Dementia

August 25, 2020 | Research

Making sure your blood pressure is at a healthy reading is necessary to maintain overall health. Controlling high blood pressure is also very important when it comes to the prevention of Alzheimer's and dementia.

Retina Markers and Alzheimer's

July 29, 2020 | Research

Our eyes are an important part of the body. Eye exams can detect many different health concerns and conditions. A recent study funded by the National Institutes of Health studied the changes that happen in eyes in relation to Alzheimer's Disease.

Preventing Delirium During Hospital Stays

July 9, 2020 | Research

​Delirium is defined by the National Institute on Aging as "a state of sudden, acute confusion​." The most common occurrence of delirium is during a hospital stay. Individuals who already have dementia are more likely to struggle with delirium.

What are biomarkers and what do they have to do with dementia?

June 25, 2020 | Research

Biomarkers could help us detect diseases like Alzheimer’s and other dementias before symptoms are present.

Do memory supplements work?

May 25, 2020 | Research

 Is there a pill you can take to help your brain stay healthy and your memory stay sharp? 

Public Health and Dementia

May 11, 2020 | Research

Public health has much to contribute to the fight against dementia. This article summarizes the strategies outlined by the CDC and Alzheimer’s Association designed to address dementia from a public health perspective.

Brain Donation and Dementia

What is brain donation, why does it matter for Alzheimer’s disease and other dementias, and how can someone get involved? 

MSU Alzheimer's Alliance brings clinical trials to West Michigan

February 13, 2020 | Research

MSU's new clinical trial initiative right here in Grand Rapids brings opportunities for people to participate in research that may help discover new prevention and treatment methods for Alzheimer’s.