Understanding Dementia

Types of Dementia: Vascular Dementia

February 7, 2020 | Understanding Dementia

In this series, we are exploring the most common types or causes of memory loss and dementia. Vascular dementia is one of those causes of dementia that is seen quite frequently.

Recognizing the signs of dementia

January 8, 2020 | Understanding Dementia

Dementia includes much more than memory loss. Brain changes can cause other problems like trouble with language, communication, focus, and reasoning. While memory loss is certainly something to look out for, there are other symptoms that could also mean a person might have dementia.

What's the difference between Alzheimer's disease and dementia?

January 8, 2020 | Understanding Dementia

Dementia is a scary word that people don’t always understand. It is well known that dementia includes memory loss, but it can also include things like loss of reasoning or judgement, difficulty using language, and challenges in communicating effectively.