In-Home Personal Care

June 28, 2020

There are many different types of in-home support that an individual with memory loss can receive. One type of care is in-home personal care. This care can be provided through an agency or by hiring an individual by private pay. Some types of care that are provided in the home include things like helping an individual get dressed, bathing, using the bathroom and housekeeping tasks such as laundry, dishes, cooking, and light cleaning. This type of care is usually performed by an individual called a home health aide, personal care assistant, or certified nursing assistant. 

This type of care is not covered by insurance. Each agency sets their own price for care which can vary based on the time of day. Some agencies have an hourly minimum as well, so finding out information from multiple agencies can be helpful to find the best fit for your care needs. 

In addition to working directly with an agency or hiring someone privately, there are also other options to obtain in-home personal care. In Kent County for example, the Area Agency on Aging of Western Michigan offers in-home care through the Senior Millage program or MI Choice Medicaid Waiver program. Individuals who qualify for care can call the information and assistance department and be put on a wait list to receive care. Cost depends on the level of income and assets. Sometimes there is a cost share amount that the individual receiving care will be responsible to pay. Due to the popularity of these programs, there oftentimes is a wait list, so it is important to reach out as early as possible when care is needed.

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