Preventing Cognitive Decline

July 6, 2020 | Understanding Dementia

Many people wonder what can be done to prevent memory loss. Researchers and scientists continue to study potential ways to prevent cognitive decline. Following a healthy lifestyle can help to prevent many other chronic conditions in addition to promoting good brain health.

Some healthy steps you can take include the following:

  • Exercise and maintain a healthy weight by limiting fats and sugars in your diet and instead eating healthy options such as whole grains, vegetables and fruit
  • Avoid excess alcohol consumption
  • Keep both cholesterol and blood sugar levels in a healthy range
  • Do not smoke
  • Engage socially with others to provide stimulation for your brain

Protecting yourself from head injury is also important as based on current research, there is evidence of potential increased risk of developing Alzheimer's after sustaining a significant head trauma. Preventing falls by making your home environment safer include things such as removing loose rugs, removing clutter from walkways, and installing grab bars in the bathroom and shower.

Another way to prevent cognitive decline is to exercise your brain as it is important to keep your brain active. The Alzheimer's Foundation of America offers an online memory test. This test is not meant to diagnose a memory problem, but instead is a way to challenge your brain. To take the memory test, click here

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